artistic training

Self taught


I am Brazilian and I currently live in Italy, where two years ago after a problem with my heart, I lived for days between life and death, after that my creativity has increased a lot and I decided to dedicate myself to the artistic life, doing paintings on canvas and cardboard , use the mixed technique with acrylic and collage, my paintings are abstract and intuitive. I make paper mache sculptures with recycled materials.

For me, painting is a way to thank God for life.


Gene Comuni Museo del Presente Rende/Cs Italy - Geni Comuni Collective of artists from all over the national territory and abroad also a special guest.

08/09/2018 a 29/09/2018.


THE ART BOX.PROJECTS MIAMI 1.0 -Spectrum Miami - 30/11 a 04/12 2016



Chris Tuoto - Personal Exhibition Bar Telesio Cosenza/ Italy by Gianfranco Labrosciano art critic, march 2015.


Chris and I and Dolls -. Chris Tuoto by Gianfranco Labrosciano art critic, May 15, 2015 Arcavata Rende Unical

Alt Art Cosenza/Italy


Night of Lunatics - Chris Tuoto by  Gianfranco Labrosciano art critic, June 2015